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Hello. I am a 21-year-old journalist, copyeditor and communications specialist based in Hong Kong. I graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double major in journalism and psychology. 
Currently, I write for NBC News. Soon-to-be strategic communications consultant at FTI Consulting. I also formerly interned at FleishmanHillard in their corporate and financial communications teams. 

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He moved to Hong Kong in 2020. The 'zero-Covid' strategy pushed him to move again.

When Daniel Chow left Singapore in 2020 for a job in Hong Kong, he expected that his wife and two young sons would join him as soon as the pandemic eased and the Chinese territory shifted away from its “zero-Covid” strategy. Now Chow has moved back to Singapore after two years of frustration, citing the continued constraints of life in Hong Kong even as the rest of the world opens up.

We’re (Not) All in this Together — How the Pandemic has Worsened Inequality and Discrimination in Hong Kong

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all walks of life in Hong Kong. The social lives of Hongkongers were put on hold as people cancelled social gatherings, avoided entertainment venues and bought takeaway instead of eating out. People experienced waves of stress, anxiety and depression as the virus spread around the community. Throughout the pandemic, the government has urged the people of Hong Kong to fight the virus “together”. But, the events of the past year have not been a tale of unity in face of a common crisis, rather a story of disparity and inequality.

Spend Less and Save More? Here’s How Don Don Donki Makes you do the Opposite

Don Don Donki, a large Japanese retail chain, is set to expand to 24 outlets alone in Hong Kong by mid-2024 despite the plummeting economy amid COVID-19. First opened in 2019 in the bustling Tsim Tsa Tsui district, it has now spread to Tsuen Wan, Causeway Bay, Central, Tseung Kwan O and Siu Sai Wan. What is it that makes Don Don Donki or other retail chains so popular and profitable? Marketing psychology can answer this for us. Hidden forces shape our buying decisions – right from the layout of the store, to the language used to market a product, to accurately tailored advertisements that pop up on our smartphones. The discounted price of an item is just the tip of the iceberg in sales.

How Can Family Caregivers Work With Music Therapists for Dementia Treatment?

Music therapy is a way of enhancing, improving, and contributing to quality of life, as expert Helen So rightly puts. Read what she and music therapist Emily Yeung have to say to family caregivers who want to incorporate music therapy in their caregiving routine. The beauty of music therapy lies in its innate ability to share powerful connections with people who struggle to put their thoughts and feelings into words. People with dementia are often heavily medicated to subside their agitate
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